Butch Mordick

Mrs. Mike's "Fresh as a Daisy"

In 1971, Butch Mordick bought the Mrs. Mike's Potato Chip Company. Fourty years later, Butch happily admits the company has grown beyond his vision. The company, now named Mrs. Mike's Potato Chips has added products and built a world-wide customer base.

Mrs. Mike’s has operated out of the same building since 1971- employing six people, two of which are Mordick’s sons, Matt and Dan.

While potato chips are still the biggest seller, Mordick adds new products when he finds something that will "fit well into the mix."

"In 2005, we invested in equipment to make our own brand of cheese popcorn - a product that we make on-site."

In early fall of 2008, Mordick also purchased the Freeport Pretzel Company, which have been a very popular product in the Freeport area for decades.

As the Mrs. Mike's product line grows, Butch assures one thing:

"Mrs. Mikes have been my passion for over 40 years, we will always make sure that you receive the chips you love and they will always be "Fresh as a Daisy."

Behind the Scenes:
How Mrs. Mike's makes its famous chips

Mrs. Mikes uses between two and three 1200-pound crates of potatoes every day. They are first placed into a hopper that washes and sorts the potatoes. Once they are cleaned and sorted the potatoes are peeled and sliced before they are placed into the cooker. Once in the cooker, they are fried at 300 degrees.

Mrs. Mikes Potato Chips